OV7670 + Lepton Module

OV7670 + Lepton Using Featherboard M0

This is camera streaming test using Featherboard M0OV7670, and also Lepton.
I previously tested OV7670 and Lepton individually, and this time I tried to combine both OV7670 and Lepton so that I can see the RGB image and thermal image at the same time.
I was assuming that it would not work well because of the mechanical alignment but this quick test is just to see how it works and get an idea for the next step.


This time, I decided to use an interface board between featherboard and each sensors rather than using wires.
Here is the hardware setup of my test.

The green board is the interface board between OV7670 module, Lepton module and Featherboard M0.
OV7670 and Lepton sensor do not align perfectly, but it is much better than using jumper wires that I have been using the previous camera tests.


Here is the test video. I am using Arduino IDE and Processing for this test.
Left side image is OV7670 module and right side image is Lepton module.
The frame rate is not high at this moment, but this would be something that can be improved in the future.

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