NGX LPC4330 Xplorer Board using LPCXpresso

NGX LPC4330 Xplorer Board using LPCXpresso

I got NGX LPC4330 Xplorer board, but it took a while to figure out the debug/program method
. The reason was that it actually came with LPC4337 mounted on the board, and I needed to change some configuration to make it work as below.

  1. Download NGX LPC4337 Xplorer board sample projects (LPCopen)
    Go to LPCware website and download "NGX Xplorer LPC4330 board" package for LPCXpresso. In my case, it is version 2.12.

    *** You can also find LPC4337 NGX package in the LPCXpresso IDE package. ***
    This package does not include freertos examples that I wanted to use, so I used above package. In my case, the file is located as below.
  2. Load blinky project and change configuration in the property
    I loaded "freertos_blinky" project.
    Right click the project and select "Properties" and go to
    "C/C++ Build > MCU settings".
    Change the target to LPC4337 and press "OK".

    Then build the project and if it builds without errors, it is good to go.
  3. Using ULINK-ME and debugIf you are using ULINK-ME for debugger, change the debug configuration.
    Right click the project, select "Debug As > Debug Configurations..".
    Make sure the correct axf file is selected in the left window (freertos_blinky.axf), and go to "Debugger > Target Configuration". In the "Configuration Option", select "Debug Protocol" and change the value from "JTAG" to "SWD". Then press "Debug".


    Now the debug session starts and you will see LEDs on the board start blinking after "Resume" button is pressed.

    NGX LPC4330 Xplorer Board


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