[AKM Chip Booster] AK5704 Low-Power 4-ch 32-bit ADC with MIC-Amp

AK5704 is an audio ADC with microphone amplifier. It has 4 channel and 32 bit resolution.
You can get the information including the datasheet from AKM website.

I listed some useful information here.

According to this article, they built a smart speaker demo using AK5704 and the demo was displayed during the CES 2018. 
News release date in the above link is stated as 2019/06/11, so I guess it officially became available nearly 1.5 years after the CES demo in 2018.

Application using AK5704 includes:
  • Conference system
  • Microphone array system
  • Smart speaker
  • Baby or pet monitor
  • IC recorder

Parts are available from Digikey although the evaluation board is not available.
The chip price is $2.36/pcs (as of 4/11/2020), so it is quite reasonable for the people who want to prototype.

QFN package with 28 pins so it is possible to hand solder the chip for the people who want to save the money 🙂
However, the exposed pad is a concern as it should be connected to the ground.
Maybe you can solder the pad easily by PCB design considering more grounding traces to the exposed pad. I don't know....

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