Grid-Eye Module Test

Grid-Eye Module Test

Panasonic Grid-Eye is 8x8 infrared array sensor.
This sensor supports I2C interface and you can get each 64 elements temperature data at 10Hz rate. 
There is a great software example to test the sensor using Arduino here and the processing code is available here.

Test Setup

Here is my test setup. 
Using Arduino Uno for this quick test.

Grid-Eye has two versions of power supply voltage 3.3V and 5.0V.
I am using 3.3V version. 
VIH of Arduino seems to be 3.0V, so as long as the I2C pull-up resistor value and bus speed are not so high, it should work properly. 
(Since it only has interrupt output and I2C, I just checked VIH.)

Test Run

Here is the video running the processing code.

There is 8x8 grid and the number in each grid is the temperature reading from the sensor.
I am moving my finger left and right, and as you can see, the red part (high temperature) is moving left and right as well.


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