CC3200 with Energia

CC3200 with Energia (Arduino IDE like environment)

Energia is very similar framework to Arduino IDE that support TI MSP430 LaunchPad and also other TI LaunchPad including CC3200. I have been using CCS6 to build my CC3200 projects, but as one of the Arduino user, I tried to establish this Energia IDE to see how it works. Here is the steps.
  1.  Install Windows driver
    Download "" from the following link and execute DPinst.exe for Windows 32bit or DPinst64.exe for Windows 64 bit after unzip the package.
    Make sure CC3200 board is not connected when install the driver.
    You can connect the board after the installation, and the board will be recognized automatically. 

  2.  Install Energia
    Download the latest package from the following link.
    Unzip the file to a desired location.
  3.  Hardware setup
    To make it work with Energia, you need to modify the board setting. However, this is not so complicated and basically just change the jumper setting of CC3200 LaunchPad and use single wire to connect 2 pins which is top pin of JP8 and bottom pin of SOP2 with the USB connector facing up.
    You can see the details here.
  4.  Launch Energia and run a project
    Double clike Energia.exe. You will see the following which is very similar to Arduion IDE except the color. 


    Select "Tool > Boards > LaunchPad w/ CC3200"

    Select "Tool > Serial Port > COMxx". In my case, it is COM33.

    Select "File > Examples > 1.Basics > Blink".

    It will launch new window as below, and click "Verify" to compile.
    After it is successfully compiled, click upload button and you would see the red LED (P64) blinking around every 2 seconds.

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