Raspberry Pi remote control

Remote keyboard + mouse for Raspberry Pi I wanted to remotely control the RPi using Android phone, and here is the notes what I have done.
  1. Android phone settingInstall "Simple Computer Remote" Apps on your Android phone.
    also, install "ConnectBot" if you need to use SSH to log into the RPi.
  2. RPi settingLog into the RPi and install the package.
    This creates a file named "SimpleComputerRemote" into /opt/rekap.
    wget http://philproctor.github.io/SimpleComputerRemote/downloads/simplecomputerremote_1.2_armhf.deb
    dpkg -i simplecomputerremote_1.2_armhf.deb
    Check the installed package
    dpkg --list simplecomputerremote
    Add /opt/rekap/SimpleComputerRemote as a startup application to automatically start the server when x-server is started.
    This requires to add/modify a file located at /home/pi/.config/autostart.

    mkdir /home/pi/.config/autostart (if the directory does not exist.)
    cd /home/pi/.config/autostart
    sudo nano SimpleComputerRemote.desktop
    Add following lines in the SimpleComputerRemote.desktop file and save it.
    [Desktop Entry]
    GenericName=Remote Control
    Comment=Allow remote control using Simple Computer Remote
    Start the x-server.
  3. Connecting the Android phone to RPi
    After x-server is up, launch "Simple Computer Remote" app on Android phone.
    Go to "Settings > Select Server" and you will see RPi on the list.
    Click RPi and go back to the home screen of the application.
    Now you see the cursor moving when you touch the screen on the phone :)
    (Sometimes the application does not show the RPi as an active server. Try "Reconnect" and see if RPi shows up in the server list.)

    If you do not want to use PC next time, you can use "ConnectBot" apps to log into the RPi and startx over ssh.

    Raspberry Pi
    EW-7781Uh WiFi dongle
    PS Vita Portable Charger 
"Simple Computer Remote" app is working with RPi and also "ConnectBot" can SSH to the RPi.
It is more than I expected and quite nice!
Using the libreoffice or something, I can use RPi for presentation machine during the meetings :)


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