Raspberry Pi + Camera Board on RC Car using Wii Remote

  1. Video demo
    Here is a first test run video
    of the RC car using Wii Remote.

  2. Wii Remote setups
    I used wiiuse library to get the data from Wii Remote.


  3. I-Racer setups
    I referred to the Sparkfun site for the documents, especially command sets.

  4. System configuration

  5. Start playing!
    Video settings

    Launch the command prompt and run the command below.
    RX (PC)
    [Path to nc.exe]\nc.exe -L -p 5001 | [Path to mplayer.exe]\mplayer.exe -fps 31 -cache 1024 -
    Log into the RPi and type the following command.
    TX (RPi)
    raspivid -t 999999 -o - | nc [insert the IP address of the client] 5001
    This will run the video streaming.

    Controller settings

    Connect the bluetooth devices, I-Racer and Wii Remote.

    Launch the controller program.
    Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry Pi Camera Board
    EW-7781Uh WiFi dongle
    PS Vita Portable Charger 
    Wii Remote Controller
    This is the test run of our PC version RC car project using Wii Remote and Raspberry Pi camera board.
    It still requires the improvement and there is a bit of controller lag, but it was still fun playing with it :)
    Maybe it would be also nice to use Wii Wheel. I should try that when I have a chance.


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