Motion on Raspberry Pi

1. Install motion package
sudo apt-get install motion

2. Install ffmpeg package
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

3. Edit motion.conf
sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf
   Modify the settings as below  
   - daemon off
   - webcam_localhost off
   - width 320
   - height 240

   - framerate 15

4. Launch motion
sudo motion
5. Browse the video stream (Firefox)
   Type http://x.x.x.x:8081 

   Raspberry PiPS3 Eye
   EW-77811Uh WiFi dongle

   CPU usage(top) was around 85% when motion was detected.
   The latency was not good, about 1s delay. 
   Tuning the parameter might help but guessing gstreamer is better... 


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