Sunday, March 24, 2013

I-Racer Teardown

  1. Quick overview of the I-Racer HardwareI purchased I-Racer to start my RC car project, and it is a nice starter kit that supports Android apps to remotely control the car via Bluetooth.

  2.  Hardware components
    These are the major parts list that I-Racer is probably using.
    Some parts were hard to guess by checking the marking on the chip.

    LDO: CYT6206

    Battery: ATL462849, 490mAh, 150mOhm, L 48mm x W 28.2mm x H 4.3mm
    Bluetooth Module: SKU80711

    I found a good website that is also investigating the I-Racer hardware.
  3.  Motor driver circuit
    After the circuit investigation, I created a clone of the motor driver circuit.
    I am not 100% sure this is exactly same as the one on the board though...
    Next step is to simulate this circuit using SPICE.


    Fluke Multimeter


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